Monday, 7 December 2015

Lintah darat terhormat.

Mereka 'ahlong' kelas terhormat.
Mereka kata nak tolong kita berjimat
Tapi mereka macam lintah darat
Mereka punca rakyat melarat. 

New LRT fare from Tmn Paramount-Dato' Keramat is RM4.10 !!!!!!
Last time it was only RM2.40, man !!!!!!!

After a week dekat Johor for outstaion , came bak to KL and this bad news really pissed me off !
Feels like maki but then I realized there's no point cursing to those who are stupid coz they're just don't care. Banyak sungguh tambang naik, mendadak sangat pulak tu. Adohai. Like I said, I want to curse them with the most bad stuff that I can say tapi no point kan. May ALLAH ease everything for me.

*I wanna dedicate F**k The System - System Of A Down to them.

You know who.

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