Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Gadis Jolobu

So this is Ainur Safia & me. We've been friends since Standard One in Sek Keb Undang Jelebu (1997-2002). Memang sekelas since Darjah 1 tapi tak rapat sangat coz aku dak Penjara so aku kawan dgn budak2 Penjara je ahahaha. Then after UPSR kan boleh datang sekolah main congkak bagai, so we've played dam haji. Sparing partner lah kiranya. We took it seriously sampai bila kalah aku rasa pissed off nya ahahaha. But then itu yg buat kami rapat. Then bila result kuar she got 5A's and I got 4A's 1B (obviously my Math is B). She went to MRSM kat mana I dun remember. I was still in Jelebu. But since then kami keep in touch mmg via birthday cards only. She sends me birthday present sometimes. Last time kan got no Whatsapp, handphone mmg takde ah. Email? Form 1 aku tak reti lg menatang tu semua. I cant remember ada kaa dak aku send kad raya for her but birthday cards mmg hantar (almost) without failed. Pastu from Jelebu I moved to Penjara Tapah then now kat Penjara Langkawi. Just recently she came back from Barcelona, Spain (she studied there for 4 years). Aku pulak kat UiTM. Thanks to FB/Twitter/Goodreads/and this blog of course! Text each other just to talk about books (and girls stuffs like celebrity crush etc LOL). Last month (Nov) Alhamdulillah we managed to meet up (face-to-face) *kissing cheek and hugs!. Its a not-so-last minute plan actually. One of our classmates kat SKUJ dulu got married in Jelebu. I guess its time for me to go back to Jelebu though. Imagine, since I left Jelebu in 2004 aku tak pernah dah jejak sana. WHOOOOAAA! its super long okay. Now she's working in KL and stay nearby my place plus we have our favorite bookstore just a steps away so that's it. Gonna be lots of bff-date at the bookstore and book cafe ;) 

So yang di atas tu semua my classmate kat SK Undang Jelebu dulu. This is my first time meet with them after 11 years ! Sebab depa mmg from Jelebu and they're family mmg in Jelebu. Its just me yang pindah. So good to see them ;) Most of us in Puchong, PJ, Kepong, Banting etc..Its time for another girls gathering, guys !

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  1. ehhh sama la kita rupanya ex skuj hahahaha! batch akak sakinah rupanya..i am your junior xD