Sunday, 16 August 2015

Travelog: ipoh mali

Dear Ipoh. With a very limited budget I will conquer you! RM 26 in my purse, RM5 in my coin-box and withdraw RM100 from my saving account. Misi solo travel to Ipoh ala-ala Destinasi Bajet, gittewww. Can I survive with this amount of money? We'll see. Hey ho lets go!

Saturday 8 August 2015
5 minutes more before the train boarding to Ipoh. I try to withdraw as fast as I can once I heard the announcement of train to Ipoh akan berlepas on 7am. OMG ! Faster ATM pls hurry. I ran as fast as I could to the platform and greet the staff ''Selamat pagi" and gasping for air. Running with a quite heavy backpack behind my back is seriously not an easy task I tell you.

View from my window, inside the train.

Arrived at Ipoh aroun 9.22 am. Walked out from the train station and stood still and wander around about 10 minutes try to analyze the place ahaha. I have no idea where to go. All I know was to go to Ipoh Oldtown, but which way should I take? After I asked one old uncle, I finally started my journey. First, lets search for the mural arts. Walked alone is not a big deal for me so I walked slowly from one block to another building. Its quite tiring because the weather is blazing hot and I haven't eat anything since morning ! With the heavy backpack which I also don't know wth am I carrying at the moment. Since that was the first time I went to Ipoh oldtown, I just look around searching for the mural arts. By the time reach 11am I feel tired already lorr hahaha. I took out a piece of paper from my backpack which has the address and booking details about my hostel. I stopped at one of the travel agency and asked about the address of my hostel which I already booked. I figured out that the hostel is quite far which is impossible to walk there. Okay, since the budget is limited I have to break the rules. I called one of my friend Iema and ask whether I can sleep over at her house for a night. She was shocked when I tell her that I was in Ipoh, as no one know about my plan. I tried to keep it as secret as I can. Looks like the plan can go to the drain right now. LOL. But I have to wait until 5pm so that Iema can come and fetch me. As to buy time, I continue walking and start cursing my stupid phone because every time I saw the mural art, I couldn't took nice photo of it (seriously need an Iphone, eh).
Nice weather but a bit hot

Suddenly I found Plan B! AAAAAAAA so awesome weh. Feel like dancing. I don't have any intention to makan there. But if you Google the interesting places in Ipoh sure Plan B is one of them. I'll tell you why okay. Sabajap, Bila kau explore Plan B its like explore the old building tapi sangat cool coz got lots of pokok there, very windy, got one section full of books also. Heaven on earth! Jalan-jalan lagi and I've found Bits & Bops. The stall that sold Ais Kepal. Oh super nice but I tak beli pon coz its RM3, oh so expensive. Its just ice and syrup. Baik beli Magnum kahkah. Next time lah come again bawak duit banyak sikit okay. Pastu ternampak signage Burps & Giggles ya ampunnnn suka hati nya aku *baling bunga ke udara* . Laju-laju menapak few steps to the cafe. The decorations is super cool, I told Iema about this place dia taktau. ish rugi sungguh, dok Ipoh tp tak explore. I entered the cafe and cuci mata looking at the handmade craft pastu keluar. Tapi lapar. Hurm memang time untuk lunch patutlah lapaq teruk. I asked the lady at the counter whether I can look at the menu first. She's really helpful and friendly. Ordered pasta and ice mocha. yummy ! so mouth-watering. I enjoyed my food and my me-time there. Something that I love to do. Finished my food around 12.30 but feel so lazy to walk out. I took out my book (Adventures of 2 Girls) and started reading. After few line dah mula mengantuk hahaha. Super kenyang, environment super comfy apa lagi, memang super sleepy. Okay lah after bermalas-malasan I walked out from the cafe. Yasmin Ahmad Museum, here I come !

Yasmin At Kong Heng 
Yasmin Ahmad Museum ni memang area Plan B, Burps & Biggles jugak. In the same compound. Very convenient coz no need to jalan so jauh aku dah penat okay. The entrance fee is just RM3 but its worth it, really! You'll get something more than that. When I entered this room I figured out that I'm the only one here since the aunt yang jaga tempat ni cakap tadi ramai dah keluar. Its fne with me. After took few selfies (glad that no one is around, I'm bad when it comes to snap selfies shot) pergi dari satu frame gambar to another and read the caption as well. How I missed her masterpiece. idk why suddenly my heart feel so sad terkenangkan arwah Yasmin Ahmad padahal tak kenal each other pon. Trust me, you'll feel the same way as I do if you're here. Touched. Sebak. Most of us grown up with her commercial, ads especially during festive season. Sinonim sangat Yasmin Ahmad dan iklan Petronas. Iklan Hari Merdeka dan banyak lagi. Semua power sebab semuanya menusuk kalbu & mesej tu sampai, if you know what I mean. Aku lepak there dua jam lebih jugak rasanya watching all the collection iklan2 yang arwah bikin dahulu. Lepastu hujan renyai-renyai lah pulak. Macam faham je hati tengah syahd-syahdu ni hehehe romantis sungguh. Punya lah aku excited tengok tayangan iklan raya dulu-dulu sampai aku menjerit sengsorang "lama gila tak tengok iklan ni woi!".
Al-Fatihah untuk arwah.

5pm. Iema is coming to fetch me. Now I have to walk from this oldtown to the railway station. Adoi nak kena jalan lagi. Die laa like this. Ipoh, unlocked! Next stop, Penang wooohoooo ;)

Aween solo travel, unlocked !
(walaupun sehari je solo, sebab Ahad ada teman)