Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bookworm vs bookdragon

So I just finished The Perks of Being A Wallflower last night. I try to read as fast as I can as to reach my goal. Gol ape? To read 30 books in 2015. To be honest aku rasa I have read more than that, cuma sometimes aku terlupa nak update kat .

So gambaq atas ni adalah list of books yang aku baca sepanjang 2015 ni. I still have another 4 books to read ntk pastikan I achieve my goals. Aku kira dah banyak dah , rupanya secoet jaa ! Cis. Kecewa dengan diri sendiri. Among all these books, I gave 5 stars to The Wild Truth. Ini sambungan kepada Into The Wild. Cerita pasal this guy Alex McCandless yang went to Alaska hitchhiking alone and found dead few months after that. So The Wild Truth is the book where kakak kpd Alex ni cerita kan semula apa yg sebenarnya terjadi. Carine cerita habis-habis pasal her family and what really happened to her brother. And thats make me feel very angry towards their father. Rasa macam nak tumbuk ayah dia, very abusive and evil. When I read Into The Wild aku rasa macam "omg kesian gila dekat Alex" that I almost cry. Bila baca The Wild Truth, aku teriak teruih ! Teriak sebab it is based on true event. Aku ni bukan boleh baca anything yg based on true events coz I will imagine that thing. 
This year I did noticed that I read a lot of adventurous stuff and about travelling etc.. Maybe to motivate myself to see the world too. I hope my enthusiasm level when I read the book wont drop down and continue to encouraged myself to do more in my life.

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