Tuesday, 19 January 2016

okay? okay?

"When I'm gone
Please don't pretend that you care for me
And don't look for me coz I won't be there for you, anymore.
If you don't mind me when you're happy
Don't find me when you are in sorrow."

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Air Asia Anniversary Challenge 2015

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Its all started with a simple log in to FlyFm website. Suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of AirAsia logo. Whooaaaa got AA contest, so nice!. No harm trying kan? So I have submitted few entries. Very easy only. Just complete the slogan 'I want to travel with AirAsia because... (not more than 30 words). If I'm not mistaken I have submitted around 6 or 7 entries camtulah I have no idea which one of my entry have been selected for the next stage.

-year end holiday I went back to LGK & almost forget about the contest, until.....

Touch down KLIA2 around 11.40pm. Nak kejar ERL to KL Sentral mmg sempat tapi by the time sampai KL Sentral LRT dah tamat service. So I have decided to sleep at the surau lah. But then takleh lena sebab contractor dok ketang ketung repair padiaaa taktau. Kaa depa dok renovate something at 2 am sampai pukul berapa entah. Mmg tak lena. Dah lah sejuk gila dalam surau. Lepas subuh aku try to catch the earliest bus to KL Sentral. RM11 je (sgt murah compared to bloody ERL RM55 tu).

Dalam bus mmg tersengguk-sengguk lah tak dapat enough sleep, almost migrain okayy. Bila dah sampai rumah (tak ingat aku terus mandi atau terus tidoq). Woke up at 11 am mmg purposely ambil off day sbb nak qada tidoq. Suddenly someone called my stupid handphone (mine is not so smartphone).

"hurm office number ni, nak panggil interview kaa apa". So I answered the phone call. Its a guy.

guy:  ''Hello, can I speak to Aizureen?''
me:    "yeah, speaking"
guys: "Hi! This is Hafiz from FlyFm

Teruih aku bangkit tdoq & clear my throat.

me:     "Err, hi Hafiz.
Hafiz: "Hi, we would like to congratulate you for being one of the winner for Air Asia Anniversary                 Challenge.You just won yourself a RM100 and will go to the next round at                                           getaway@KLIA2"
Hafiz: "Yeah this is seriously serious."
me:      "Yes ! Thank you FlyFM. I love you."
Hafiz:  "we love you too!"

So the conversation went on almost similar liddat. You can expect me to remember all those details, do you? (say previous sentence mcm Ron Weasly punya accent in HP & Sorcerer's Stone).

Few days after that I have received an email from FlyFm regarding the event lah bla blablaa...
Aku kena ambil off day on 8th January (Friday) since aku kena check in kat Tune Hotel KLIA2 at 2pm lepas tu ada photoshoot session with AirAsia at 5pm followed by the briefing session conducted by AA & Media Prima. During briefing ni lah baru all the participants tahu sapa will be in our team. I'm in Team No5 together with Ning, a chinese guy from Sarawak. Cut story short, after briefing aku balik bilik after Maghrib aku kuar with Mira pergi cari makan lah lapaq macam apa lagi. Nasik mana nasik ? Tengah dok makan aku perasan gak ada few other teams yg pergi scouting getaway@klia2 ni. Cis ! tercabar aku. Pastu suddenly one of the contestant Paan came over and sit down to makan with us. Then we excuse ourselves aku ajak Mira teman aku pergi scout the places as well. Ya laaa dah game pon macam The Amazing Race so memang kena familiar with the venue lah kan. Aku ni pesen nervous memang boleh migraine one. Aku rasa Mira ada gtau Sarah yang aku super stress. Idk lah maybe think too much pasal game tu kot.

9th January 2016, event day. all the participants required to be at the main stage around 8.30am. But then we have to wait for all the celebrities, cameraman, producer lah crew lah etc...Dlm pukul 10am jugak kot baru start.Then each team kena cabut undi ntk dapatkan celebrity for team masing2. My team dapat Faizdickie. Okayy slumber jelah.

Antara challenge game ni as per below:
Challenge 1: Makan 14 cupcakes dalam masa 20 minit. (I ate 2 only, yuckksss i dont like the icing)
Challenge 2: Ask seramai mungkin people to sign up for AA Big Shots (Easy! kan pernah kije buat                         sales dulu so I know how to grab ppl)
Challenge 3: Selfie with 7 people with 7 different countries and upload all photos kat IG personal                             together with the caption yg disediakan. (pon easy jugak sebab aku tau how to break                          the ice and build rapport with ppl. Faizdickie dgn producer siap ckp aku power,                                   chewaaah! emm producer, ada job tak? hahaha)
Challenge 4: Diberi shopping list. Kena guna kredit card yg diberi to shop according to the shopping                         list (team aku kalah waktu buat game ni lah. over masa yg diperuntukkan so                                         disqualified lah)

Well its a great experience for me. Kalah pon dapat voucher Lazada worth RM500 boleh jugak gua beli smartphone. Hp aku ni dah oldskool sangat dah tahap wajib dimusnahkan. And then ada satu challenge tu team aku memang dan AA kata Team 5 akan dapat another Lazada  voucher worth RM1500. Alhamdulillah, bila dah confirm dapat nnt gua nak GoPro kehkehekeh ! (so far yg voucher RM1500 ni belum dapat lagi, kena berurusan dgn AA dulu) . 
Grand prize dapat kat Douglas, a guy. Which aku tak rasa kecewa sangat. If a girl yg menang mmg aku a bit frust lah because am very competitive gittewwww hahaha. 

Well, still its a great experience. Ingat senang ke nak lari-lari buat cabaran tu semua pastu ada cameraman dok follow. Mula2 tu ketaq jugak sebab tak berapa suka jadi centre of attraction. But once game dah start mmg kadang2 aku tinggal je cameraman tu. Producer lah kena remind kan aku untuk berinteraksi with camera. Sebijik macam The Amazing Race. Tapi best jugak ahahahaha. Abg camera sampai tak larat nak ikut aku lari. Faiz pon suruh aku lari dulu je sometimes. Lol. 

Ada rezeki boleh join lagi insyaALLAH ;)
Great kickstart for my 2016. 

p/s: Here's to  more adventure & exploration in 2016. Sapa nak follow, hurry ! Sapa lambat nak discuss lah ajak member lah lantak pi kat hangpa. Aku pesen gamble je. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


I wanna a have a flat belly. 

That's what I ask for 2016. 

This ain't funny. Seriously serious. Flat belly. 

Here's to more adventure and exploration !