Friday, 3 June 2011

killer kalkulateur

Balance Sheet Of Life

our Birth is our Opening Balance..
our Death is our Closing Balance..
our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities..
our Creative ideas are our Assets..
Heart is our Current Assets..
Soul is our Fixed Assets..

Brain is our Fixed Deposit..
Thinking is our Current Account..
Achievements is our Capital..
Character & Morals, our Stock In Trade..

Friends are our General Reserves..
Values & Behavior are our Goodwill..
Patience is our Interest Earned..
Love is our Dividend..

Children is our Bonus Issues..
Education is Brands / Patents..
Knowledge is our Investment..
Experience is our Premium Account..

The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet accurately..
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Account Award..

assalamualaikum ^^ haa,,pesal lak tetiba aku wat entry pasal accounting yeh ?? uh ! akaun ?? beennccii ~ siyes I dun like this subject tp nk buek camno..terpakso gak ngadap..gigih la nk abeskan smpi ujung sem..mau nya idak..neyh one of the faculty requirement subject (ACC 418)..huh ! stdy course event mgt tapi kne blajo akaun..(ok,fine ! nnt nk kne bwt budgeting ntk event)..nk dijadikan cte..cercite,,cercite ! (haish sabo laa)..em tiap kali test + quiz korang rasa aku cemerlang gemilang terbilang x ?? kalo da namanya x suka,,op kos la x lulus kan..hehe ! nk highlight kt sni SAYA TAK SUKA KIRA-KIRA..kura-kura pon saya x minat :P otak aku sesuai ntk subject yg kne baca,hafal bgai nk gila..buku kira-kira ku tolak tepi (kalo la bley dibuang ke laut China Selatan !) now counting down the days..counting ?? oh no..kira lagi ~ guna words laen dok nunggu result final xm..diharapkan sume lulus la including this subject..aku da usaha okay ! Usaha Takwa Mulia (wuu~UiTM)..just wait & see jela..
tu jela kot entry kali neyh..meluat la story pasl akaun lama2..haha !
sorry ye puan __________  (lect akaun aku le)..tata ^^

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