Sunday, 29 December 2013

keep calm and travel alone.

Hey, maybe I should try this out. Bring some of my books, my brand new camera (bye 4 years old Samsung !), maps and journal to write something throughout the journey. Don't you think it'll be great? You know what, there's no specific time that we are really ready for something. So, why wait? Lets do this !
I just found this special quote at Twitter ; "at least once a year, go to a place that you've never been before". Let me share something that I found at FB. (OMG, just now Twitter and then FB. What a social networking geek!) LOL. 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once  There is so much nice places and good people in the world. Jom lah explore ;) But the main problem if I would try this out is the language. Okay, let say I want to go to Spain alone (macam hang berani sangat Aween oi). Dah lah English berteraboq, Spanish lagi sepatah hapa tak reti. Ainur, if u read this entri, ehem ! Blaja dgn kau jelah ;p Kikiki. Okay, stop dreaming. Lets just start with somewhere in Malaysia dulu lah. Hoi sapa dah p Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi? Me wanted to go there. Tapi tempat tu style sejuk nyaman sangat kalau pergi ntk honeymoon molek jugak, ehem. So try Penang jela dulu. Pasar Chowrasta (book hunting), Toy Museum, Bukit Bendera, kopitiam, street art and mural hunting etc. Frankly speaking, I have never explore Penang so far. So I guess that will be the perfect place to start, right? So ni kalau aku nk pi Penang bajet dalam berapa sen huh? If you ask me to do research and some reading on it, aku tak tanya straight kt hangpa laa =.='. I love reading (books) but not anything for research purposes. Maybe I'll just google any interesting places in Penang, then go to MPH and grab the map and study the map lah. Amacam? Sounds adventure enough? Cuti for 2013 dah habis. So next time kena plan lah for the next off day to make this dream (travelling alone) come true. Aminn. Hopefully semangat ni kekal lah ntk direalisasi. Aku ni pesen kalau off day lama-lama baik balik rumah mak, and have some family-bonding time. Okay, i didn't expect to have this entry like an essay. So, till we meet again u'olss. 

Will be back to PJ in two days time. WTH ! Its really hard to go back to the office and start working again (new year 2014) after a week solid in my family's house. 

Wassalam. Take care. Stay young and healthy ;)


  1. bro pun teringin nak pergi penang, tapi orang cakap toy museum tu dah tutup

  2. Bro, betoi kaa dah tutup? Hampeh lak aih. Takpa kita pi cari natang lain laa kt Penang ;p LOL

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      check it out! cite ni pun cambest